The T*Star.Transfer package supplies Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) glue between stations and systems. It provides an all-round network interfacing tool to create, manage, monitor and secure connections.

Secure, Fast & Reliable

T*Star.Transfer offers an interface with several configuration options regarding encryption methods, protocols and interface types. Built-in redundancy and end-to-end communication checks are supported by default.

Various communication protocols

The T*Star.Transfer package is ISA-100 Wireless Compliant. It supports many communication protocols on different levels (OPC, TCP, HTTP(s), SFTP...).

Real-time Monitoring

It is a web-based package, that allows you to create and configure transfer streams online and get an overview of the real-time status of each transfer stream. Through automated e-mail notifications, certain people can be notified when and why a transfer stream is in error.