The T*Star.Energy package provides powerful tools to measure, organize, analyse and manage the energy consumption of your organisation.
It collects and stores real-time measurement data from different devices, equipment systems, IoT connections and network interfaces into a Big Data database. This data-driven database is the ideal basis for fast analyzing and monitoring queries. The data is accessible through website dashboards, reports and monitoring tools as well through the Excel Addin. Hereby opening the way to measurement facts and new insights, which leads to operational savings, increasement of production performance, automated handling of energy audits and being more sustainable.

Integrate with your existing hardware and software

T*Star.Energy covers many different hardware and software integrations. From field level devices to ERP level systems, our integration team is always up for new challenges. Found a new box that you want to use in your project? We will work together to integrate it.

Real-Time Monitoring

Visualise your energy measurements data with intuitive easy-to-use dashboards, graphs and reports.

Automated reports

The T*Star.Energy package allows you to create customized reports and dashboards based on templates. Automated reports allow you to track your consumption, costs, data quality, emissions and evolution of an energy efficiency project periodically.

CO2 Footprint, Blue Economy & Green Deal

The T*Star.Energy package helps you to convert and consolidate the collected data into meaningful KPI insights. Hereby excluding human errors and data leaks.

Energy Audit

T*Star.Energy contains customizable energy audit checklists and other inspection templates.

Cloud-based or Local solution

Based on your use-case and preferences, T*Star.Energy can be hosted in-house or in the cloud.