The T*Star.PAM package collects, enhances, visualises and manages real-time alarms in order to deliver advanced operator assistance. T*Star.PAM replaces the standard DCS alarm list for operators with a more improved and customizable application. It is the central alarm handling application that manages process alarms in real-time.

Alarm Zones

All alarms can be grouped into company-specific alarm zones. Alarm zones can easily be created by the company itself through filter rules on the alarms. For example, alarm zones can represent plant districts, alarm priority groups or manufacturing process steps.
T*Star.PAM can visualize one or more alarm zones in different view sections on the screen. This leads to a more structured, simplified and efficient view on real-time alarms.

Integrated Alarm Monitoring

All alarms can be sorted, filtered, acknowledged, cleared, shelved, and eclipsed.
With the alarm speech module, certain alarms are spoken upon alarming in order to warn the operator through sound.

Operator Awareness

The Operator Awareness module adds practical information to process alarms in order to assist the operator with

  • determining the possible causes, consequences and which actions to take.
  • retrieving more information about the alarm such as switch-off messages, company-specific data and DCS control information.