Alarm Management (T*StarPAM) 1 system for operators and managers. Makes your Foxboro IA system very valuable.

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Alarms are the key triggers in the production plant.
A good alarm philosophy guarantees the optimum production results.
Take action when something goes wrong, Analyze the alarm by combining trending, configuration links, operator actions and take well considered actions to avoid the problem in the future.

The package T*StarPAM is a combination of different functionalities that assist you when something happens in the plant.
It is currently specifically written on top of Foxboro IA.
It replaces the Foxboro CAD screen and adds a lot of additional functions that help everyone involved (Operator/Production leader/Manager) to become responsible, each on it’s own level

  • The operator looks at the real-Time alarm page in the control room, divided in sections and priorities.
    He can acknowledge the alarm, view additional alarm information (causes, actions, consequences), enter his actions taken, request history of alarms, view relations to other blocks.
    Call directly related Foxview displays…
  • The production leader sits on his desk and calls the same real-Time alarm page.
    He can clear alarms, analyses the taken operator actions, verify the statistic screens (Time in alarm, time to ack, priority occurrence..)
  • The manager can request custom excel reports to see the overall status of all kinds of alarms, actions.

The alarm rules module allows you to configure your system to send emails when certain alarms occur.

Additionally the Web Alarm function allows you to analyze the complete alarm database.
As all information is stored in a SQL database, it is very accessible.

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