Enterprise application integration and Networking (T*StarTransfer)
The glue between all your corporate systems

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  • Transfer your data from one system to another with a generic interface to different kinds of packages.
  • Web based monitoring tool to oversee all your streams. Email Triggers configurable in case of errors, out of frequency, access failure…
  • Easy configuration of a stream with sending,processing and receiving parts and configuration of tags,queries and accesses.
  • Point to point configuration of streams to avoid bottleneck hosts.
  • Secured transfer over a configurable TCP port
  • Different transfers configured. Can be easily extended
    • Synchronisation of files and directories in a secured environment.
    • Transfer of files to another station
    • SQL Database (Oracle,SQL Server,MySql) to other database,File,Foxboro,PI,…
    • PI to Database, PI to File, File to PI, Database to PI…
    • Foxboro IA Integration, Foxboro IA to File, Foxboro to Foxboro
    • SAP Transfer mechanism. (SAP XI,IDOCS, XML)
    • LIMS to File, LIMS to Foxboro, Foxboro to LIMS
    • Website data to other systems of file format.

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