Trending, Reporting and Dashboards (T*Star)


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  • All data and configuration is stored in a relational database. As open as possible to all kind of analysis tools
  • Trend function to view and analyse your data from minutes to years in a few seconds. Intelligent compression techniques allow you to see trend graphs of a few minutes or enlarged to hours,days,months or years without losing response time of a few seconds
  • Intelligent Formula processing to create KPI factors
  • Transparent collectors to collect data and alarms from most devices (OPC,OPC-UA,Lims,Foxboro,Serial,Modbus,…Legacy)
  • Secure value changes of bad collected values with cause historization
  • Longterm storage (+10 years) without losing response time
  • Implements BIG DATA functionalities to cover a complete company database for analytics and SMART data mining


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  • Excel Addin to easily access all your data and configuration
  • Create intelligent & Dynamic reports
  • Schedule reports to generate automatically in background and send them as email attachments
  • Generate excel reports on servers without Microsoft Excel installed
  • Combine dynamic data on one excel report from different systems and databases using standard SQL query
  • Direct formula definitions extract aggregated data for 1 given cell
  • Use VBA Macro’s to integrate special features


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  • Web functionality to access your data and preconfigured reports
  • Dashboards to view in real-time the designs created in Microsoft Visio
  • Fast creation of trends

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