Foxboro IA reporting tool and configuration assistant. (FoxDB)
“Optimize your displays. Optimize your engineering work. Optimize your design”

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FoxDB is a complete configuration assistant for Foxboro IA.
Whether you use ICC, IACC or IEE this tool is a must have to quickly overview your complete system.
Everyone has benefits in using this tool

Operator: Custom reports to view alarm settings and their limit changes, Blocksearch function to look for displays from a given block.
Intelligent popups which lists relationships of a sensor/Actor to Us,Y display schemes.
Optimized displays avoid startup wait times when calling Foxview displays.

Engineer : Analyse the consistency of the complete database (Control, FBM, Links, HLBL) What to do when changes are needed.
Distribution and compare function.
Generation display tool based on templates, Historian configurator

Designer : Excel Addin to access all Control data and create custom overall reports.
Graphic mapping view to verify design and operational links.
IO mapping view to plan new parts.

Several collection functions fill a central SQL database.
Several custom ready reports can be called. On top of that there are very practical tools

  • Overview of all control blocks, it’s IO and links of the Foxboro IA system
  • Display extraction of symbols, connections, commands to easily keep them up to date
  • Graphic mapping view of the blocks and their relationship
  • Storage in central master SQL database.
  • Excel addin allows you to create high level reports which are easy customizable
  • Generic graphic distribution tool to easily distribute and compare
  • Special display format to split up the .g file into schema and data
  • Alarm configuration and master database with compare to show the operators when changes has been executed between shifts
  • PID reports, Auto/Manual sets
  • Aim Historian configurator tool which replaces the default completely
  • Template display generation (Us displays, Trend views, I Displays,…)

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